PRIDE 2018

Select from our PRIDE 2018 Sexy Silhouettes and Puss 'n' Bitch™ collections for this year's LGBTQ Pride.
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#20gayteen - LBTQ

Happy #20gayteen Pride!
Let all your colors shine.


#20gayteen - GBTQ

Happy #20gayteen Pride!
Let all your colors shine.


How Many Licks

How many licks do you take? I'd like to get to your center. Happy Pride!


Pride On

Let's get our Pride on. It's time for some serious sweat and glitter. Happy Pride!


Lesbian Champions

You're the breakfast of lesbian champions.
I need to have you every day. Happy Pride!


The Right Way

Let's spend Pride the right way.
Naked and under the sheets. Happy Pride!


Why Wait?

Why Wait?
I'm hungry. Happy Pride!


Bear 'n' Hare Pride '18

So we've got Byron, Chase, Spencer, Adam and Josh coming to pride. Are we forgetting anyone? Let's see... you're forgetting Jeremy, Cameron, Jared, Mike, Blake, Dylan, Stewart, Andrew, Steve, Jason, Trevor, Daniel, Fucker, Jesse...
Happy Pride from all of us!


Puss 'n' Bitch™ Pride '18

Puss: Are you sure you want to go to Pride this year?
Bitch: Yah. Pretty sure.
Happy Pride no matter how you choose to celebrate!