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C.J. Asher is a journalist who covers various subject matters and trending topics related to sexuality, such as prostitution, women’s rights, sex trafficking and LGBT issues as well as the adult entertainment industry, having interviewed celebrities such as Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and Joanna Angel, adult film star and the founder of

C.J. currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and his blog can be found at

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We started out with a simple mission –  to deliver just what a woman needs when she needs it. We evolved along the way. Today we offer one-of-a-kind care packages to help women and girls through transitional times in their life. As well, we have content that will educate, inspire and entertain you.



Our company specializes in Digital Media Solutions. We provide the following services: Logo & Flyer Designs, Digital Painting, Animations- 2D, Gif, stop motion, Post Production, Image Compositing and Banners & Typography.



Join me on an exploratory journey into the deep waters of sex, pleasure, relationships, intimacy, sex toys, books, and sexual well-being. Discover what gets you off and what brings you satisfaction, while achieving better sexual health.



We at XCritic pledge to fairly and honestly review adult films, always clearly state our biases and preferences and judge each film individually and completely. This means our reviewers actually sit and completely watch the films they review.